Friday, February 5, 2010

wow...Celcom BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520

im wondering why this evening storms strikes hardly..while im online, i found out that nuffnang open a contest for "Celcom BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520"..patutla la ade storms petang gara2 Celcom Blackberry Storm 9520..baik hati betul la Celcom nk bg hadiah ni..

im the happiest person if i get Celcom Blackberry Storm 9520 becoz it just like my birthday present from celcom to me(ssh oi nk dpt hadiah dr orang) coz i was born in February.heheh..actually,i didn't know anything about Blacberry<<
and aku rasa kalau la aku diberi peluang untuk guna Celcom Blackberry Storm 9520, wahhh..its like aku dpt mendaki Kinabalu.antara kenapa aku suka sgt kalau dpt Celcom Blackberry Storm 9520

1)Long lasting battery
With a powerful battery and removable back plate for easy battery swapping, the BlackBerry Storm smartphone helps you do what you love, longer.Sesuai la untuk aku yg suka lpe nk bwa charger

2)Fast Network Connectivity
Built for speed and endurance, the BlackBerry Storm offers fast, reliable browsing and communication coverage.Senang nk blogging pastu bleh upload pic byk2..

3)High Resolution Display
A high resolution 480x360 screen displays over 65,000 colors across a large wide screen - creating an awe-inspiring display that enhances all your multimedia.puas la tgk

4)Camera and Video recording
Snap pictures like a pro with the built-in 3.2 MP camera featuring auto-focus and auto-flash. Or catch the sound and action, then share it with friends with the video camera function.klau aku dpt ni sure penuh memory ngan gmbr n video yg ntah pape tu.hehe..bleh amek video ank sedara aku..

5)Easy call taking
The familiar BlackBerry phone buttons are at the bottom of the BlackBerry Storm, ensuring an easy transition from browsing to call taking, without compromising current on-screen data.yang senang ni aku suka..xyah nk buka tutup lagi

jap2..ade lg tau to make it different with other Blackberry, Blackberry Storm 9520 comes with 2 new features

6)Next Generation SurePress Technology
The next generation SurePress technology on the BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone – combined with SureType® technology – provides better typing accuracy and a more tactile feel. Type on a virtual, full QWERTY keyboard in portrait or landscape mode. Touch two areas of the screen at once to select multiple items.senang la aku nk msg2..xyah ssh nk tekan kuat2..klu hp aku kene tekan btul2.kalau x confirm ejaan jdi lain..

Wi-Fi Support
Link to wireless networks or hotspots with Wi-Fi connectivity. While away from your regular home or work coverage areas, you can still access streaming audio and video1, BlackBerry data services and more.surfing everywhere..muaaaahaaaa

pair it with Celcom Postpaid macam aur dengan provides best features that suit with Blackberry Storm u know that Celcom serve best coverage among others.thats why i used Celcom as my coverage..go..go..go Celcom

semua essay di atas adalah untuk exam ye..hehe.dah2..jgn berangan boleh gak berangan kot2 dapat ke....bantulah saya untuk pegang Celcom Blackberry Storm 9520..huhuh.ade sesape yg pg Chinoz, KLCC???pasni xdela lg dengar bunyi storm sebab aku dapat Celcom Blackberry Storm 9520..hahahah.jgn jeles tauuu


  1. huhu looks so interesting with ur advertisement ahhaa balcbery for present??sape nak kasik kakakk sayeee oi?sugar daddy mane?uhhu

  2. hahah..jom2 kte join contest nuffnang