Wednesday, February 10, 2010

GRAPES..sape x suka angkat kaki

which 1 do u prefer?? red, green or black??? for me..i prefer red rather than green or black. my dad always bought us red grapes. u know why??when u take it everyday in odd numbers normally 7, it will strengthen ur mind. i was told by dad,one day when he was in hospital during his monthly check up..he met with a man. then after chatting for a while, that man told dad he actually was lost his mind becoz of accident or something else(im not so sure) he didnt recognize anybody in his family. after quiet long time, he did remember all his family. he told dad that he ate 7 red grapes everyday..

ok..wat is grapes actually??

"A grape is the non-climacteric fruit, botanically a true berry, that grows on the perennial and deciduous woody vines of the genus Vitis. Grapes can be eaten raw or used for making jam, juice, jelly, vinegar, drugs, wine, grape seed extracts, raisins, and grape seed oil. Grapes are also used in some kinds of confectionery. A grape is sometimes used as the symbol of conscience."


Health Benefits of Grapes:

1. Good blood and body builder, it is also a quick source of energy.

2. Grape juice is easily assimilated and called the "nectar of the gods". It is indicated in cases of constipation, gout, rheumatism, skin and liver disorders.

3. This alkaline fruit (also called "the queen of fruits") helps greatly to decrease the acidity of the uric acid and lends itself further in aiding the elimination of the acid from the system, thus benefiting the kidneys greatly.

4. Studies shown that grape juice, red wines and raisin tea showed strong antiviral activity against poliovirus, herpes simplex virus.

5. Helps reduce platelet clumping and harmful blood clots.

Nutritive Values of Grapes : Per 100 gm

* Vitamin A : 80 I.U.
* Vitamin B : Thiamine .06 mg.;
* Vitamin c : 4 mg.
* Calcium : 17 gm.
* Phosphorus : 21 mg.
* Fat : 1.4 gm.
* Carbohydrates : 14.9 gm.
* Protein : 1.4 gm.
* Calories : 70

so guys, let eat grapes for ur health and mind.


  1. salam akak pun suker makan grapes ni..selalu gak beli..terutama yang tak ada biji.

  2. wslm pun.klu bli mst cr yg xde biji..klau ade ssh nk mkn.nk senang jer..heheh