Monday, February 22, 2010


hye semua...dah lunch ker??opsss dah time msk keje ade yg ngular lg??heheh..ok2..lets continue my story about recreation & outdoor..u know wat, on the day of event..i woke up late at 4.30am.supposed to be in office at rushing gle.nsb baik management team blum dtg ofis.they r late 2..kahkahh..handling everything by myself is stressful ok."they" talk too much but didn't help me out..huhhhh..aku mls nk taip pnjg so ni aku dah buat report for the event.cewwaaahh..harus la ade report ye kawan2..

Day 1 (30th. October 2009)
Management team (Ewest Outdoor Sdn.Bhd) arrived at Stadium Shah Alam at 5.00 am followed by 4WD at 5.30 am. Pick up goodies from WSFFM office, then set up registration table and hung banners on site.Participants were assigned teams and groupings.

2 buses arrived Shah Alam Stadium at 6.45 am. Buses left for Gopeng at 7.20 am after prayers conducted by marshal. A briefing was conducted by marshal onboard bus “A” to prepare participants for event and changed over to bus “B” at Behrang rest stop.

The buses arrived Gopeng pick up point at 10.00 am. Participants were then ferried to Adeline’s Rest House by 4WD and trucks “Bangla” style. They arrived at resort at 10.30 am, followed by check in and breakfast.

Ice breaker was conducted by marshals at 11.00 am for half hour and participants prepared for their activities.

Group 1&2 went for 4WD, group 3 to Wet Abseiling and group 4 to Water Rafting at 12.00 pm. Group 1&a2 stop by Kg.Ulu Groh about half hour for a short donation ceremony. The group proceeded with 4WD activity and the SS session at the abandoned hydro plant. The last car and other groups arrived at the resort between 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm for im in group 4 and we r doing white water rafting.this is my 1st time doing this kind of activities..1st we have to do body rafting which to know our level of confident in water( u can also join it even u cannot swim..believe me!!)..then we continued with our so excited and this is so awesome even im the took 2hrs for about 10kms..

Due to the impending rain, all 4WD were instructed to cross the metal bridge at 2.30 pm leading to the Orang Asli settlement. By 3.00 pm, all participants from group 3&4(my group) crossed the river via the hanging metal bridge just next to the water-swollen metal bridge. The group helped repaired another broken bridge near the hydro plant. SS ended at 7.00 pm and the last car arrived at the resort at 7.30 pm.

Dinner was served from 6.45 pm to 8.00 pm.(all foods serving during our 3d2n are super duper delicious Marshals set up the obstacles course for Explorace at the open air area but due to heavy rain, Explorace was moved into the dining area with some modifications to the course after consultation with the exco members present. Explorace ended at midnight.

to be continued with day 2..

p/s : kawan2 sila jgn bosan ok..klu bosan sila jgn bce..hehhe


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