Wednesday, February 10, 2010


do u believe or not??i mean the bank notes not the coins.hehe..while im driving for lunch just now, im listening to my current radio mode which is HOT FM..i heard 1 of deejay said that actually, bank notes is made from cotton.and he said that it is to confirmed it, i surf the internet and i found 1 article regarding to currency notes.

"Most of the currency notes are made of heavy paper often mixed with line, cotton or other textile fibres. It is different from ordinary paper – being much more strong and resistant to wear and tear."
source:The Origin Of

so guys, lets plant the cotton tree so we can do our own money.haha..gelak jahat.Its not just cotton but mixed with others too..can u imagine if they just used cotton???..for sure that the bank notes is soft and can be easily get wet isn't??

But due to indiscriminate issuing of bank notes without proper backing its actually contribute to inflation.To overcome these problem, foil application to currency notes has come into use which known as polymer bank notes.


  1. menarik info ni..baru tau. thank you for sharing

  2. sha pun..sbb dgr radio..klu x mmg xtau pun