Friday, February 19, 2010


Hi guys..!! have u been into any outdoor&recreation activities??? i just want to share my 1st time experience joining this activities coz my company had organized this event "WSFFM INTERNATIONAL WOMEN 4X4 OUTDOOR ADVENTURE 2009"..venue for this event is Sg.Kampar, Gopeng,Perak..this is the 5th time WSFFM organized such event. a lots of thing i've learn here..i have to do from A-Z coz im the only worker here. i managed to learn and helping by K.Fiza who is Sec.General and also the chairperson for Recreation&Outdoor..

due to recession, we just got 4 sponsors out of 20+ letters that i sent out..still ok coz we just give participants what we have. compared to 2008, kfiza told me that they got a lots of sponsors.maybe becoz my ex-president still a minister but for 2009 she's no longer a minister. ok..i start to sent out the forms thru email and also send by pos to previous participants..fees is RM390 and i think this so cheap compared to same program but organized by other company. my friend said, some company charges RM500++..this time, we have to limit the participants due to space at the site. we also got invitation from TV3 in MHI to promote this event few days after raya..we managed to get 76 participants

few wek b4 the event is a hectic week for me coz i have to settled everything..meeting..schedule..meeting with marshall..collecting sponsor items..certs..bags..etc..everyday i have to stay until b4 the event, i went home early becoz i have to come at 4.00am..

what comes next??to be continue..till then..bye


  1. wah, you put lots of effort for this event.. congrats..

    Anyway, i like 4x4 challenge!! :D

  2. yupss..and its worth.this yr insya'allah no longer 4x4 coz the cost is too expensive compared to other outdoor activities..lets join us ok!!

  3. wow.... bestnye...
    siap ada liputan dari tv..
    moon suka gak menda yang challenge ni..
    tapi.. oh tidak saiz badan ku mengahalang

  4. best tau..lorh xkisah la moon size ape gemuk tau..ade participants yg kecik,kurus,comel..