Wednesday, April 28, 2010

salam to all..quiet few days gak i xupdate ade byk benda nk cte tp mood nk blogging tu xde lg..juz blogwalking je..ape2 jelah.hehe..3 nite in a row i have presentation by event company...but them end up with the same activities like "team building"..even i already give them the guidelines....after we explained to them wat actually we want the event to be..bru diorg next week they have to present again.kan dah buang mase..padan muka wek will be my last wek with them..hoorraay...hehe.

td after discussion, im playing basketball with the exco..after long time didn't play any sport..not bad eh..sila jgn perasan. yg xbest ble every time main surely the ball will hit my fingers..ape lg..sakit la cik kak oii..then it turn blue..but luckily they got ice cube.but till now, still rse skit..jgn when i wake up 2moro my fingers getting bigger dah happened we played about 1 hrs..sweating gle..lpe plak nk bwa adidas action 3(promote abess)..

then after main, pg makan kat Night Circle..anybody who staying in shah alam will know it..chit chat a bit..mkn lg..well pempuan..order byk gle and at last have to tapau surely never forget this kind peoples..


  1. wah, sambil meyelam minum air. hehehe

  2. dh exercise tapi g makan lak, adoyaii..enjoy dgn sepuas2nya di bumi s.alam ahha

  3. kyuubi:kembung perut la minum air jer..hehe

    zai:i mkn rojak buah jer..yes2 i nk enjoy to the max..

  4. salam...

    maaf,saya terpaksa skip baca coz tulisan kecil + background merah yg terlalu terang